Hey everybody, Braeden here. I’ve decided to use this month’s blog post to address some changes within my musical life.

First off, you may have noticed that there is no representation of Braeden Paul & Wheel Hoss anywhere on my website. Toward the end of last month, Joe Morrow and Rick Caudill both made the decision to leave the group. Like I said in my Facebook announcement, I really appreciate everything they contributed to our music and I wish them nothing but the best. When this occurred, I made the decision to not keep the group going. There were different reasons for this, the biggest being that I wanted to put my focus on a project that my Dad, Robby and I had initially started back in 2015.

The Flathead Fords is an acoustic music duo that allows us to present different forms of American Roots music. For those who are wondering, Bluegrass will still be a part of what we do, but we will also be playing everything from Early Country, Old Time and Acoustic Blues music. My Dad and I will be playing multiple different instruments in this duo as well. I’m particularly excited about this because it will finally allow me to focus on playing the Clawhammer style of banjo which is something I’ve developed a strong passion for as of late. I’ll still be playing a lot of mandolin and you might hear me play some guitar as well. My Dad will primarily be playing guitar and some banjo along with a few other instruments.

We already have a few shows booked for next year that we’re really excited about! We’re also scheduled to play two shows in Glen Rose, TX next year. We’re planning to do those with a full band since those dates have already been advertised as Braeden Paul & Wheel Hoss. I will keep you posted as to who will be performing with us on those dates. If you’re interested in booking The Flathead Fords for an event next year, please check out our Booking Info page.

I’m also planning to start work on a solo recording project next year. It’ll mostly be original material and maybe a few favorite songs of mine! All that to say, 2020 is shaping up to be busy for sure!

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